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Accounting Services

Financial Statements

Dorward & Company knows business.  We have an entrepreneurial spirit that we share with our clients.  We know what you need to keep your business going, what the banks want for your financing, and what your partners need for the year end.  Financial statements present the results of operations and the financial position of the company.  We offer three levels of accounting engagement statement preparation:

1. Notice to Reader - This is the basic accounting engagement.  This engagement statement does not require testing, provides no assurance over the internal organization controls and account balances.

2.Review - The most common assurance engagement that we offer is a review engagement.  It is not as detailed as an Audit but is able to be used for the majority of financial users.

3. Audit - Following Accounting Standard Private Enterprises (ASPE), Dorward & Company preforms several audits for a wide range of clients.  This is the the highest level of assurance we provide and can be used by all financial users.  

Bookkeeping Services

We realize that you are busy doing what you need to do to make your business a success, if you would rather be focusing on that instead of bookkeeping, Dorward & Company can help.  We offer full bookkeeping services to manage your company finances and will teach you how to organize it to make the data processing part of your business as efficient as possible.  By us assisting with your bookkeeping, our expertise in all accounting software and onsite support, ensures that records are kept exact, allowing you to have the information you need immediately and with complete faith in its accuracy.


We love business and we love numbers.  Let us help you with your budgets to leverage our passion for your organization.  We can assist with the development of annual budgets and the creation of budget templates, your scheduled budget reviews and the final year-end budget requirements.  We have a team of staff that can look at what you are looking to do from a variety of angles.  We offer onsite support as well.

Cash Flow

Our team employs staff that are trained with all major accounting support software, including Simply and Quickbooks, to assist with your cash flow analysis.  We can work with your organization to assist with monthly reconciliations, account balances, and bank reconciliations.  We can offer onsite support as well if you need.


Dorward & Company enjoys great relationships with a variety of financial institutions and we want to share them with you.  If your organization is looking to grow by purchasing a building, acquiring another company, taking on larger projects, carrying more inventory, or purchasing more equipment, we can steward you through the difficult process of financing.  Let us make this tough process for your organization easier.

Profitability Analysis

Dorward & Company uses profitability analysis as a tool to present financial information in a way that business owners and key stakeholders can make informed decisions about where their business is and where it is going.