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Tax Services

Tax Compliance and Planning

Dorward & Company is focused on knowing where you are now, where you want to go, and helping you navigate through tax forms and deadlines to get there.  Understanding where you want to go personally, professionally, and what you want to leave to your successors, is our key to short-term and long-term tax planning.  This integrated business and personal tax approach allows us to lower your overall tax liabilities and maximize your tax efficiencies.  This is a defining characteristic of what Dorward & Company does and we are excited to discuss our approach with you.

Tax Reporting

Our job is to understand what the Canadian Revenue Agency wants and when they want it.  We will help you understand the deadlines and reporting requirements your organization must meet, and steward you through these complicated deadlines and requirements.  We are on top of any new legislation and tax regulations that will affect your business and will bring that expertise to you. 


  • When are my T4’s and T5’s due?
  • When are my corporate taxes due?
  • When is my GST due?
  • What do I need to file if I’m in a partnership?