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The focus of Dorward & Company LLP is on knowing you, the client. This approach allows us to take a proactive approach to your taxes and design a plan around you.  We make it easy for you to compile your information and beat those stringent deadlines.

Our accounting professionals at Dorward & Company focus on providing comprehensive taxation services in the areas of personal, family and estates.  Our personal tax accounting team ensures that you are able to plan your finances effectively while lowering your tax liabilities.  We will keep you informed of the changing tax regulations and how they might affect you or your family. 

Our mission is to ensure that we are here for you year-round, not just in tax season.  We are excited to see you, answer your questions, advise about that rental property and share your excitement about any new business opportunities.  Let us assist in planning for the present and the years ahead.


  • I have a business, should I incorporate?
  • What tax shelters are available to me? 
  • What types of expenses are deductible?
  • What are the tax implications of my buying a rental property?